Project Description

Yorkshire Building Society

The Yorkshire Building Society is the third largest building society in the UK, with its head office in Braford. The society currently provides financial services both directly and through a 143-strong branch network and 99 associated agencies across the UK.

The challenge

During a planned, regular maintenance check of Yorkshire Building Society’s main boilers at head office, HCS identified that the boilers were no longer fit for purpose.

The two boilers, situated in the west wing of the building, had been in place for 15 years and needed replacing.

Ashley Smith, Commercial Director of HCS, said: “While replacing the boilers was not an issue, there were a few obstacles we had to remove before actually getting to the job in hand.

“The main difficulty is that we had to do the work out of hours as they had a call centre operating all day until 8pm each night and on Saturday mornings.

“The rooftop plant was above the call centre so we couldn’t do any drilling while they were working so we had to work out of hours to accommodate this and ensure the contractors too were also available at these times.

“We also had to work out a way to get the new boilers in situ when working out that they were far too big to go in the lifts up the rooftop plant where they needed to be.”

The solution

HCS worked out a complete timeline of activity for a full mechanical and electrical installation.

They organised a 10-man out-of-hours team, made up of HCS staff and contractors, ensuring that they gave a minimum 24 hours’ notice about who was going to be on-site and vehicle registrations as requested for security purposes.

The two boilers were disconnected and removed and the new boilers were broken down and rebuilt on site as this was the only way they could logistically do it.

The result

What was planned as a 12-week project was completed well ahead of schedule in 7 weeks and beyond all expectation, leaving a very satisfied client.